The 2nd Amendment

The second amendment was introduced to the U.S. Constitution on December 15, 1791.

It defends the American citizens’ right to keep and bear arms on American soil.

In recent years, this amendment has become a largely discussed topic and whatever the argument may be for or against this amendment, there are clear pros and cons presented to us today in regards to our closeness to our rightfully owned weaponry.

As for the pros, the most clear one is that we are able to defend ourselves and our fellow American citizens quite effectively.

The 2nd amendment is primarily, if not solely, meant for Americans to effectively and swiftly defend against any lethal harm that they may encounter during any instance of their personal life.

So one could say that another positive aspect of the 2nd amendment is the peace of mind that is brought to a weapons owner when they are going about their usual business on their own property or elsewhere.

Many also believe that gun ownership also is a deterrent of crime, so there is certainly a basis to feeling safe when exercising one’s right to the second amendment.

As well as promote ease of mind, the presence of arms with the ability to kill in the blink of an eye can cause unease for some.

In the hands of someone who is not used to the presence of weaponry with such inherent lethal power, has the obvious potential for fatal accidents to occur.

There is the assumption that to find a murderer who’s gun has been found at the scene of a crime, that the gun can just be traced through its ID given to it at the time of manufacture, but with the hundreds of millions of guns that exist during this time, finding the owner of a single weapon leads to ambiguity and other legal issues.

While being the method by which people choose to protect themselves, it is also the vehicle for which many people conduct homicide and other criminal activities.

Also when speaking on survival through the use of arms, the thought of hunting may be prevalent in the minds of some people.

Guns can provide itself as a valuable resource for the hunting of animals both as game (for sport) and for food.

Again, one of the main counter arguments as a con towards the 2nd amendment right in this case is the possibility of severe injury from guns, and that there are other reasonable methods by which animals can be hunted for sport and for survival.

In short, while the upsides to the 2nd amendment are lowering one’s chances of being involved in a crime scene, and being able to protect yourself should the need arise, there still remains a chance of being injured by the same object that is being used for protection.

As an American citizen it is important to understand our constitution and to be able to exercise our rights, and it is equally important to recognize potential risks involved as well, making it is easier to prepare for any wrong turns in the future.