Yes, Stockholm really is the most beautiful and varied city I have ever visited.

Why? With its colorful fairy-tale streets, spectacular baroque palaces and acres of lush green parkland, Stockholm is a feast for the senses – especially for those of us who appreciate the finer things in life.

Let me show you why Stockholm has to be the main venue for your next Nordic vacation.

About Stockholm

Built across fourteen islands located on the south-east of Sweden, the ‘Venice of the North’ was originally built as a fort town to protect the growing nation from foreign invasions.

The city is famous for hosting the annual Nobel Prize ceremony and is known as the cleanest capital city in Europe, for which it won an award in 2010.

With a temperate climate and four distinct seasons, it is always the right time to visit Stockholm.

Although, with 18 hours of sunlight, I favor coming in the summertime to better enjoy the city’s seductive co-mingling of land and water.

An Amazing Vacation

The city is packed with amazing places to visit and innumerable things to do.

If, like me, you are charmed by historical architecture, you must go to the old town, Gamla Stan, built across several small islands during Medieval times.

In Gamla I experienced the heart of Sweden, with its dozens of restaurants, gift-shops, and cafes.

I spent several hours walking this way and that, excited to see what wonders I would next encounter.

The minuscule winding streets are adorned with delightful buildings, beyond which I discovered even more spectacular treats like Tyska Kyrkan German church, with its hideous but fascinating gargoyles.

While enjoying some coffee and pastry, I spoke to a friendly young student at a cafe – the Swedish call this social activity ‘to fika’ – who recommended to me the Vasa Museum.

Here they have restored a magnificent 17th century battleship that sank Titanic-like on its maiden voyage.

I was completely spell-bound.

This experience inspired me to hit the waters and take a scenic boat tour.

Now I could rest my feet, but my eyes were completely dazzled as we sailed by the handsome Djurgarden island, taking in the incredible vista of the whole archipelago.

I also indulged my passion for modern art by visiting the Moderna Museet gallery, where a fabulous collection of 20th century art is displayed, including works by Dali, Picasso and Matisse.

Did you know that an astonishing 30% of Stockholm is parkland?

The vast oak-filled Royal National City Park actually contains three royal parks itself!

Hiring a bicycle (they are available everywhere) I there encountered beasts, like deer, rare birds and moose.

I deliriously whizzed by theaters, castles and more museums.
By this point I was beginning to wish I could spend a lifetime here exploring every thing Stockholm has to offer.

Before the sun could go down I was already starting to think of those world-famous Swedish meatballs.

With more than a thousand restaurants to choose from, I was spoiled for choice. Delicious!

Flawless Stockholm

In all my time in Stockholm I couldn’t think of a single thing the city didn’t offer me in abundance.

The people are so friendly, the atmosphere is serene and sunny and the sights are awesome.

You really have no excuse not to put Stockholm at the top of your to-visit list.