Sex Toys

The options for new sex toys are endless.

The online market is ever expanding to make room for new technology, new tastes, and more consumers.

Sex toys and their users are much more common than even 15 years ago.

With recent social changes, the sex-positive movement has encouraged the use of sex toys, especially to women.

Historically, women have been painted as having little to no sexual desire.

From the prudish Victorian era of “lie back and think of England” to women in heterosexual relationships never having a real orgasm with their partner, sexual desire in women has been deemed wrong, ugly, and even shameful.

When men talk about sex, it is usually in a comedic context.

Women talk about sex emotionally, i.e. what is wrong with their relationship and how it’s affecting their sex life and vice versa.

In years previous, talking about sex toys, especially in a public context, was not done.

Sex toys were for weirdos and creeps on the side of the highway.

Today, however, women are more inclined to use sex toys than men.

This shift is not a shift of sexual desire in women, but a shift in thinking.

Having bodily autonomy, control of one’s body is a contributing factor to this shift.

Millennials, born 1980-1996, grew up in the information age with technology and resources available at their fingertips.

Social climate has changed rapidly, particularly in the West, giving generations of girls and women a true sense of bodily autonomy.

Sex positivity is a movement in contrast to conservative viewpoints of sex that all sex should be limited to marriage and/ or limited to the use of producing children.

It also encourages proper sex education, birth control, and freedom of sexual expression.

For women, sex toys are more than a just a way to have fun in the bedroom.

Women have been socialized to be ashamed of their bodies, to ignore their bodies.

Using sex toys helps some women learn how to recognize their body again.

Some women need sex toys to help them relax before further sexual activities.

Many women own at least one sex toy, but may not regularly use it, having bought it on a whim or received it as a joke present.

The toy ends up at the back of a drawer, unused.

Couples that have been together for a while may experiment with toys or new toys to freshen up their relationships.

Queer women make up nearly fifty percent of all female sex toy users.

Queer women and heterosexual women use sex toys for similar reasons—for pleasure and for intimacy.

For disabled persons, sex toys may be the only way to be intimate.

Long distance couples may find that sex toys and phone calls have the same amount of importance in keeping the relationship strong.

While men are more likely to only want one type of toy, women tend to enjoy having different toys to choose from.

There is no one size fits all.

There are boutiques now that specialize in toys for women and couples.

Researching new toys can be done from the comfort of your home.

Looking up and buying new toys online from sites such as Blissful Cherry is a great way to really experiment with and get to know them and how they can effectively fit into any woman’s life.

Whether you are single or have a partner!

Add to cart, two-day shipping, and your new toy arrives in a plain brown box – it doesn’t get any easier than that.

At which point you are off and running fulfilling your sexual needs like never before!

Sex toys are no longer shoved into a dusty corner of forbidden topics.

The freedom that women have found in sex toys should be celebrated, not shunned.